Naomi’s Faithful Witness

I think Naomi’s influence and faith are often overlooked. While reading the book of Ruth we focus on Ruth’s commitment, but rarely talk about the circumstances that preceded and made Ruth’s declaration possible. Ruth states, “Do not press me to leave you or to turn back from following you! Where you go, I will go; … Continue reading Naomi’s Faithful Witness

Fairytale Faith

I have always loved fairytales and the promise of a story that despite problems faced would end happily. I think of Cinderella and how we identify with the unfairness of her situation of being forced from a position of “daughter” to that of “servant,” and then how we rejoice when despite all the machinations of … Continue reading Fairytale Faith

Advent: The Need for Urgency

“Now at this time Mary arose and went in a hurry to the hill country, to a city of Judah, and entered the house of Zacharias and greeted Elizabeth” (Luke 1:39-40 NRSV). As we reflect this Advent season, we need to ask ourselves if we are living our faith with a sense of urgency. Immediately … Continue reading Advent: The Need for Urgency

Taking a Risk in Saying Yes: Mary’s Faith

In Luke’s Gospel, we have the account of the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary to inform her that she has found favor in God’s sight. In Mary’s conversation with Gabriel we are informed that God has chosen her to give birth to God’s own Son, who will be named Jesus. This conversation ends with Mary’s … Continue reading Taking a Risk in Saying Yes: Mary’s Faith

God is for Us

Psalm 56 begins with the psalmist crying out for God to be gracious to him. We soon find out that the psalmist is surrounded by those who oppress and have “trampled upon” him continually. In fact if we look through the psalm many verbs are used to describe how others are treating the psalmist: they … Continue reading God is for Us

When the Happiest Days Become the Hardest

  Today is my brother’s birthday. Nick would have been 44 today. This is the third birthday without Nicky, and I really miss our yearly birthday calls. This is one of those days that I find myself teary-eyed and sad. In all honesty, I will probably have to occasionally stop and wipe my eyes so … Continue reading When the Happiest Days Become the Hardest

A Day to Weep: The Grief of Good Friday

After Jesus is arrested, Peter is secretly following Jesus to see what is happening. Scripture shows that fear dictates Peter’s responses when Peter is accused of knowing Jesus and traveling with him. Peter adamantly denies knowing Jesus, not once, but three times. “Immediately, while he [Peter] was still speaking, a rooster crowed. The Lord turned … Continue reading A Day to Weep: The Grief of Good Friday

Love Leads to Holiness: Reconciling our Walks

The second sermon in my Summer of Love series is about holiness. The church is called to be a holy people. As God is love, so God is holy, and for the same reason too. Holiness is loving God and others as God loves us. God is love because God is Triune, and God is … Continue reading Love Leads to Holiness: Reconciling our Walks