God is for Us

Psalm 56 begins with the psalmist crying out for God to be gracious to him. We soon find out that the psalmist is surrounded by those who oppress and have “trampled upon” him continually. In fact if we look through the psalm many verbs are used to describe how others are treating the psalmist: they … Continue reading God is for Us

Love Leads to Holiness: Reconciling our Walks

The second sermon in my Summer of Love series is about holiness. The church is called to be a holy people. As God is love, so God is holy, and for the same reason too. Holiness is loving God and others as God loves us. God is love because God is Triune, and God is … Continue reading Love Leads to Holiness: Reconciling our Walks

The Toad

I have a thinking spot. Every day I sit in my chair outside on my patio to meditate about God and seek to listen to God’s still, small voice. This morning when I opened the blinds to the back patio door, there was a toad sitting on the patio. Not being much of an outdoor’s … Continue reading The Toad