Holy Saturday: Waiting, Weeping, Wondering

Today is Holy Saturday, a day of waiting, weeping and wondering. Many of us know what it is like to sit in silence and wait for an unknown future. We have sat in hospital waiting rooms while a loved one is in surgery, we have waited for a call from the doctor with test results that may affect our future, we sit in silence and wait. It is a solemn time when we most often are fighting back fears of ‘what if’ that continually find space in our minds. It is a time of uncertainty. These times of uncertainty are often accompanied with weeping.

I imagine that the disciples would have been thinking, “What are we doing to do now?” Their perceived future had been uprooted. Many of us face such times in our lives too. An unexpected tragedy or trial lands in our lives and we sit in silence wondering what are we doing to do now? These are Holy Saturday moments in our lives, but they do not last forever. The power of resurrection that we celebrate on Easter Sunday is available for all areas of our lives. The power of Jesus not only offers us a hope of eternal life, but the power to live an abundant life here on this earth, today. The resurrection power assures us that our own sorrowful Saturdays are not the last word, God has not abandoned us, God has not forgotten us, God is still working even amid the tragedies and trials in our lives. Though things happen that forever alter our lives, the hope and joy of Christ is not to be absent. Our paths may change, but we still have God with us. Sorrow will not last forever, we will rejoice again!

One thought on “Holy Saturday: Waiting, Weeping, Wondering

  1. Love this….Will let your Dad read. Have you ever talked to your Dad about what happened to Nick? And that God isn’t punishing him or anyone….how have you dealt with Nick’s death? I wish your Dad had more “faith” and a closeness with God, rather than feeling like he’s being punished….all very hard things to understand, explain and go through.

    Happy Easter, sweetie….Love you all! ♥

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