Tamar: A Robe of Royalty but not Loyalty

Though draped in a robe that signified her status as a royal daughter, someone with special privilege, someone valued by her family, the robe said she was seen as worthy, but it was only a fa├žade. A young woman who was to be valued, cherished, and protected by her family is left desolate and destroyed. … Continue reading Tamar: A Robe of Royalty but not Loyalty

The Courage of Tamar (Gen. 38)

Tamar carefully removes her widowed clothing and puts on clothing and a veil that will signify to others that she is available for prostitution. She then walks to the entrance to Enaim to wait for her father-in-law, Judah. She is nervous as she waits, but this seems like the only option available for her. She … Continue reading The Courage of Tamar (Gen. 38)