When will we let Bathsheba speak?

When will we hear the story of Bathsheba from her own point of view? Scripture, itself, is silent in regards to the thoughts and feelings of this woman. Yet, might there be a valid reason to examine the circumstances that she faced? Can we try to imagine her feelings as she found herself in a situation that was beyond her control? Could not every person relate to that in some way? When the story of David and Bathsheba is shared, the focus is most often on David, and how he is confronted about the choices that he made. However, Bathsheba had to deal with circumstances in her life that were the result of someone else’s actions. It is one thing to acknowledge how we have contributed to our own situation, but it is quite another thing to accept that we are suffering due to the decisions that someone else in our life has made.

Bathsheba had no choice but to submit to the desires of David the king. She becomes pregnant by the man who violated her, then becomes widowed as that same man has her husband murdered. If that were not enough, she then has to marry David and later buries her child. How did she cope with her grief and loss? What type of relationship with God must she have had to not only survive, but thrive? I am amazed by this woman and her perseverance. I wonder how often Bathsheba sat in a room after she was married to David and thought about the hopes and dreams she had for her future when she was married to Uriah? How I wish that scripture enlightened us as to how she overcame despite the devastating events that changed her life. Here is a woman who was powerless, yet it is she who was later instrumental (with the help of Nathan) in securing the throne for her son, Solomon. Does not the life of Bathsheba offer hope to those of us who feel oppressed by our current circumstances? Though we suffer grief, and experience unfair consequences in our lives, we can know that God will provide us the peace and strength needed so that we are able to impact the lives of others. Bathsheba’s life speaks of hope to those who are in oppressive situations. May we be more diligent to allow the silent voices of these women in the Bible to speak to us. Everyone has a story to tell. How many people in our own lives have stories that are left untold because they are overshadowed by the stories of someone else? Will we be proactive in encouraging all of those around us to share their stories of faith? If we do not, we will miss out on the great things that God is doing in the lives of those around us.

4 thoughts on “When will we let Bathsheba speak?

  1. I actually heard someone in my church say that she had a choice and she chose to leave her husband. That is not true! People could not just refuse the demands of their king! Thank you for writing this. You are absolutely right.


    1. Thanks for the comment, Courtney. I think that it difficult for us in western culture to fully comprehend what it was like to live under the rule of sovereign and powerful king, like David. We are so accustomed to our “freedoms” that it is inconceivable to think that we had no choice. Blessings, Michelle.


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